Japanese Progressive / Psychedelic rock duo featuring two theremins as main instruments.

members: Saori Kojima(theremin, synth, kalimba, piano),Macoto Kikuchi(theremin, guitar)

contact: please e-mail to andmo[at]

You can find music by andmo' at Bandcamp.

You will find some live performances of andmo' at youtube channel

1st. album "Unidentified Mystic Aether" (remastered)

We released remastered version of our first studio-recorded album "Unidentified Mystic Aether" from our private label. We are currently looking for a foreign label that will release this album. For more information, please e-mail to andmo[at]

  • title of CD: Unidentified Mystic Aether (TalkingInko 006)
  • release date: 2019
  • tracks
    1. tsubutsubu
    2. UMA2
    3. B.Rex
    4. tsubutsubu (reprise)
    5. Relenza in the Night
  • guest musicians
    • Tomohiko Kira (from ZABADAK, bass in M2)
    • Koko Komine (from ZABADAK, voice in M2,5)
  • price: 1980yen