Japanese Progressive / Psychedelic rock duo featuring two theremins as main instruments.

members: Saori Kojima(theremin, synth, kalimba, piano),Macoto Kikuchi(theremin, guitar)

contact: please e-mail to andmo[at]

youtube channel

1st. album "Unidentified Mystic Aether"

We released our first studio-recorded album "Unidentified Mystic Aether" from our private label. We are currently looking for a foreign label that will release this album. For more information, please e-mail to andmo[at]

  • title of CD: Unidentified Mystic Aether (TalkingInko 001)
  • release date: Oct.9, 2013
  • tracks
    1. tsubutsubu
    2. UMA2
    3. B.Rex
    4. tsubutsubu (reprise)
    5. Relenza in the Night
  • guest musicians
    • Tomohiko Kira (from ZABADAK, bass in M2)
    • Koko Komine (from ZABADAK, voice in M2,5)
  • price: 1500yen
  • Shipping is free in Japan. For sending overseas, please contact us by e-mail: to andmo[at]

    You can listen to the sound sample at SoundCloud

    Here is a promotion video of UMA on youtube